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We provide you professional and best domestic carpet cleaning services

None of your house accessories can stay clean forever. Everything needs care and continuous cleaning to keep it clear and dirt free. We provide you professional and best domestic carpet cleaning services. When your carpet needs some kind of professional attention we will be at your doorstep to resolve all your carpet cleaning problems. Carpets are very expensive and they are one of your main and big home investment and only we can understand that what does these carpets meant to you so we provide you affordable cleaning service.

Every carpet needs different cleaning practice according to their fabric and material. We deal with all rugs and carpet cleaning. Carpets should be cleaned on regular basis as they contain bacteria and the dust can cause harmful effects for your lungs.We use all ecofriendly and  latest washing procedures that includes all the detergents that does not harm the fabric of your carpet. We use quality detergents that will not discolor your carpets and their fabric

Firstly the carpet is pre-sprayed with a solution and left to work into the carpet for around 10 minutes.  The Extraction System removes the soil away from your carpet and whisks it away into the cleaning machine. No mildew or over wetting occurs with the twin pump soil extraction machine. Maximum soil removal means your carpet stays cleaner longer and your cleaning technician can guarantee quality results. We use only the best detergents for all our carpets and upholstery. Prochem are the leading company in cleaning products.

Dirtbgone provide a wet carpet cleaning service so a drying period is to be expected. We estimate that your carpets should be fully dry within 3-5 hours after a deep carpet cleaning job but the drying periods can be affected by cold, poor ventilation, location & the type of carpet. Always open the windows to ventilate the room and put the heating on for about 1 hour to speed up the drying process.


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Minimum Charges apply. If square footage is too small, a minimum fee applies – €50 excl. Vat

When we calculate the price, we take into consideration the area dimensions and the time of the appointment.

*All prices and deals are valid within Ballinrobe area.


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