Window cleaning

Window cleaning is an important yet hectic and a little tough and task to perform.



We use both the traditional window cleaning method as well as the more modern – Pure Water-  technique.

Window cleaning is an important yet hectic and a little tough and task to perform. Windows should be cleaned from all kind of mist, dust and stains. But we provide the latest and modern window cleaning services for our valuable customers. Forget those tough cleaning systems in which one has to climb the ladders and hold heavy water buckets and rugs for cleaning and still the windows were never cleaned up to mark. We replaced those old window cleaning techniques. We bring modern cleaning tools and best window cleaning products for cleaning your windows completely.

The nLite HydroPower (Outside windows cleaning Technology)

The nLite HydroPower delivers results faster than any other machine on the market. With a FloWater Technology design, water is evenly distributed through a diffuser and then channeled through a resin bag   which removes impurities from the water which in turn leaves windows streak free.This type of systems is more efficient than others on the market and nLite HydroPower Filter System last 30% longer that standard filters. With a Built-In TDS Meter, water quality can be measured at all times, and it will ensure that water outputs is 100% pure water. It comes with an adapter that allows us to connects to most standard hoses with a valve that can control water flow.

With an extendable aluminium or carbon pole we can clean all types of houses, windows, patios and conservatories. The super-light brushes are able to reach and clean all areas to remove dirt and grime.

Our staff cleans the windows by keeping their feet on ground with the help of new cleaning products that gives guaranteed cleaning and removes all dust, stains, mist and mineral droplets from the window. Our cleaners will be on ground level so you may not worry while using your washrooms or bedrooms because no one will be peering through the washroom and bedroom windows at all. We make your windows crystal clear and new. We give all cleaning facilities. Our window cleaning is not only for glass windows but also for other types of windows that includes PVC and other materials. All the sills their edges and frames are properly cleaned.


Benefits of using nLite HydroPower

    More efficient
    Chemical free
    Good for the environment
    No need for ladders
    Less labour intensive
    Cleans larger areas faster
    No other cleaning products required



€50*incl. VAT

internal up to 15 window

€50* incl. VAT

external up to 15 window

Add additional window: 

€3 + Vat per window


A typical window is: 4ft x 4ft


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